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Our Trip to Africa
Unsere Afrikareise
AT / 1966
13 min.

A documentary in my view is a poem. If you go to the earliest events in mankind you will see that poetry came before pragmatism, every activity of daily life was poetic.

(Peter Kubelka)

Behind the title Our Trip to Africa, suggesting a home movie at norm, a travelogue-travelorama at best, hides one of the most sophisticated visions in the history of the cinema. Like the monumental narratives Peter Kubelka┬┤s film portrays the character of the traveller with as much precision as the continent travelled.

(P. Adams Sitney)

The intensely concentrated quality of Unsere Afrikareise stems in part from the multitude connections between image and image, sound and sound and image and sound, that Kubelka orchestrated into a unified whole.

(Fred Camper)

A film by:
- Peter Kubelka

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- german

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- 16 mm

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