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DE / 2006
14 min.

Kristall creates a melodrama inside seemingly claustrophobic mirrored cabinets. Like an anonymous viewer, the mirror observes scenes of intimacy. It creates an image within an image, providing a frame for the characters. At the same time it makes them appear disjointed and fragmented. This instrument for self-assurance and narcissistic presentation becomes a powerful opponent that increases the sense of fragility, doubt, and loss twofold.

(C.G. / M.M.)

Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller’s Kristall extends from the artists’ previous work using iconic images from commercial cinema. Drawing on the rich tradition of mirror imagery in the movies, they
introduce unexpected visual ruptures and passages of quiescence.

(Chris Gehman & Andréa Picard)

Shards of emotions from Hollywood melodrama are combined in a Chinese box of reflection and refraction. Kristall is a cinematic hall of mirrors, which ruptures and multiplies the anxieties of narcissistic, star-crossed lovers.

(Mark Webber)

A film by:
- Matthias Müller
- Christoph Girardet

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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- 35 mm

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