Brent Klinkum (1960-2022)

Brent Klinkum (1960-2022)

Today we receive the very sad news that our longtime friend and fellow member Brent Klinkum passed away quite suddenly while hiking. Brent will be remembered as a passionate person, brimming with wit, who loved cinema culture in all its formulations. In 2012, with great esprit and an unusual approach, Brent curated the retrospective Breaking Ground for sixpackfilm, an appreciation of Austrian experimental film history over the past 60 years. It is an abrupt departure, very painful for all who knew him. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the relatives and friends.

Golden Medusa Awards 2022

Golden Medusa Awards 2022

At the award show of first QUEERTACTICS short film competition for queer_feminist works, the following winners were celebrated in Vienna: The GOLDEN MEDUSA for the "most challenging gender portrayals" went to The zip of my pants is open. Like my heart. by Marie Luise Lehner, a GOLDEN MEDUSA for the "queerest aesthetic realization" went to WET STREAMING III - fuck my ficus by Aaron Scherer, Eva Sommer, and Daniela Zahlner - and the GOLDEN MEDUSA for the "most successful documentation of queer community" was awarded to TRANS*GAZE by Rosa Wiesauer.

sixpackfilm congratulates all award winners. Bookings for The zip of my pants is open. Like My Heart. and TRANS*GAZE are happily accepted any time!

Voguing performance by Kiki House of Dive (Photo: Jana Madzigon)

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