Somewhere, late afternoon

Inspired by the rapid change of Asian cities, the makers looked for a way to restore the lost beauty of the landscape. A scale model of a typical Taiwanese high-rise block was taken out of its urban context and in this way acquired a mysterious beauty. The bond with nature seems to have been restored, even though the building isn´t real. Originally made for an installation. (IFFR2008)

An architecture model is used to represent a typical living space found commonly in Taipei. The video image refers to the space of traditional Chinese landscape paintings as an entry point to probe the relations of nature and culture, and is set up in the contemporary milieu of Taipei’s urban space. The setup suggests the model as a real building well placed into the oriental landscape, suggesting a harmonious and ideal relation to the nature. Florescent lights turn on and off in the building and the camera slowly unfold the building complex partially in order to celebrate the seduction of dwelling in such space and its surrounding. The buildings appear slowly out of the landscape and merge in darkness to create an act of pure gaze onto the projected image. What rendered is not a complete picture of the building, but a partially seen object, visualizing the desire of living in contemporary times. (prod. note)

Orig. Title
Somewhere, late afternoon
Austria, Taiwan
11 min
Orig. Language
No Dialogue
Hongjohn Lin, Ella Raidel
Jake Pollock
Channel A
commissioned by
National Palace Museum Taipei
Available Formats
Digital Betacam (Distribution Copy)
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format
Frame Rate
25 fps