Anja Salomonowitz

Anja Salomonowitz

* 1976, Austria

For her films, Anja Salomonowitz developed a film language in which documentary, feature film and thesis blend. Real human experiences are condensed through artistic alienation. Her films received international recognition, numerous film awards and found their way into relevant literature on documentary films.

Anja Salomonowitz studied Film in Vienna and Berlin, learned as assistance to Ulrich Seidl and elsewhere. All her films are shown at hundreds of filmfestivals worldwide. She holds masterclasses on artistic documentary film at Universities (f.e. Aalto University Helsinki, Department for Film and Television or University for applied arts Vienna) or at filmfestivals (tutor at the Documentary Academy at Jihlava International Film Festival). Anja Salomonowitz has three sons. She was chairlady of the Austrian Documentary Film Alliance in 2014 and chairlady of the Austrian Directors Association in 2016. Her hybrid documentary films are explicitly political and always question the border and possibilities of documentary film making. They are shot like feature films and follow a strict colour concept.

Films/Videos (Selection):
Macondo 1999, 14 min
Carmen 2000, 23 min
Get to Attack – Antirassismus Kinospots 2001, ca. 5 min
Projektionen eines Filmvorführers in einem Pornokino 2002, 14 min
Das wirst du nie verstehen 2003, 52 min
Ein Monument für die Niederlage 2005, Loop
Codename Figaro 2006, 1 min
Kurz davor ist es passiert 2007, 72 min
Die 727 Tage ohne Karamo 2013, 80 min
Dieser Film ist ein Geschenk 2019, 72 min

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