Inger Lise Hansen

Inger Lise Hansen

* 1966, Norway

Inger Lise Hansen was educated at North East London Polytechnic, St. Martin's College of Art, London and received a Masters of Fine Art Filmmaking from San Francisco Art Institute.

She has made a number of experimental animation films with support from Arts Council England, Film London and the Norwegian Film Institute, and has won several international prizes such as Gold Prize for animation at the Bilbao
Festival of Documentary and Short Films, Chris Frayne Award for Best Animation at Ann Arbor International Film Festival.

Her earlier films have been screened at Tate Modern, London, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm and Hiroshima Animation Festival.

Tilt 1991
Talking to a Stone 1993
Static 1995
Hus 1998
Triptych 2001
Adrift 2004
Here After 2004
Proximity 2006
Casting the Shadows 2007
Parallax 2009
Travelling Fields 2009

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