Jan Soldat

Jan Soldat
(c) Jan Soldat

* 1984, Germany

Born in 1984 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz), former GDR.
His over 100 mostly documentary works to date deal with the depiction of diverse sexual practices and preferences.


Films (Selection)

Die schöne Tote / Beautiful Dead Woman (7min, exp) 2024
Vorher Nachher (6min, dok) 2024
Belichtungstest (3min, exp) 2024
Blind Date 5.0 (3min, dok) 2024
Das Spielzimmer (8min, dok) 2024
Blind Date 4.0 (8min, dok) 2024
Finally retired (3min, doc) 2024
Blind Date 3.0 (6min, doc) 2024
After Work (5min, doc) 2023
Death Row (6min, exp) 2023
Viewing (4min, doc) 2023
Faces Of Death (7min, exp) 2023
Dead Again (5min, exp) 2023
Blind Date 2.0 (8min, dok) 2022
The Act Of Dying (6min, exp) 2022
Staging Death (8 min, exp) 2022
Blind Date (12 min, doc) 2022
Paul (21 min, doc) 2022
Zumindest bin ich draußen gewesen (5min, doc) 2021
Nullo (15min, doc), 2021
Florian (11min, doc), 2021
ERWIN (16min, doc), 2020
Resident Ground Floor (48min, doc), 2020
For Fuck’s Sake, Christian, we’re making a porn film (9min, doc), 2020
The Wanker (12min, doc), 2020
Are You Interested In A Film About Shopping? (6min, doc), 2020
Protocols(20min, doc), 2017
Happy Happy Baby (20/37 min, doc), 2017
Coming Of Age (14min, doc), 2016
Prison System 4614 (59min, doc), 2015
Hotel Straussberg (26min, doc), 2014
The Incomplete (48min, doc), 2013
A weekend in Germany (25min, doc), 2012
Crazy Dennis Tiger (25min, fic), 2012
Law and Order (9min, doc), 2012
Vacation, finally (3min, doc), 2010
Be loved (16min, doc), 2010

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