In person: Flatform – Movements of an impossible time (film program & book launch)

Tue Jan. 10, 2023 - Wed Jan. 11, 2023, 8 p.m.
Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus 10. Jän 2023/20h + mumok Bibliothek 11. Jän 2023/18h

Flatform calls itself a "collective artist" rather than an "artists collective", all steps in the development and production of new projects are defined as collaborative work. Flatform was founded in 2006 by originally three media artists in Milan, today the core consists of Annamaria Martena and Roberto Taroni with changing collaborators.

In their often playful but precisely composed films, Flatform puts in question familiar perceptions of landscapes but also of experiences of natural laws (such as the passage of the times of day).
The works could be described as through-choreographed landscape portraits. On the one hand, in reference to the people moving through the images, but also choreographed are the landscapes themselves or their components, which seem to disengage from habitual continuities of space and/or time.
Flatform's method is a process of permanent "displacement" in order to explore different possibilities of the potentials of the "explored" landscapes, but also to formulate bio-political questions from them. (Gerald Weber)


Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus – Freies Kino
Tuesday, january 10th, 2023, 8 pm
Followed by a talk with Flatform

Domenica 6 Aprile ore 11:42 /  Sunday, 6th April, 11:42 am (2008, 6 min)
57.600 secondi di note e luce invisibile / 57.600 seconds of invisible night and light (2009, 5:25)
Non si può nulla contra il vento / Cannot be anything against the wind  (2010, 6:10 min)
Movimenti di un tempo impossibile / Movements of an impossible time (2011, 8 min)
Quantum (2015, 8 min)
Un luogo a venire / A place to come (2011, 7.30 min)
Quello che verrà è solo una promessa / That which is to come is just a promise (2019, 20 min)
Storia di un albero / History of a Tree (2020, 24 min)

Book Launch

mumok Bibliothek
Wednesday, january 11, 2022, 6 pm
Presented by Giuliana Prucca and Flatform

A workbook by Flatform on displacement
Ed: Giuliana Prucca

As in an artist’s workbook, drawings, texts, diary entries, layers, frames, alternative sequences, and installation renderings intersect with Flatform’s video productions in a poetic and non-mimetic exercise of their cinematographic techniques.
Having no cover, the book suggests that something begins – or ends – elsewhere, offscreen, thanks also to the gradually shifting book sections that mirror the circularity conveyed by the work of Flatform.

Eine Kollaboration von Künstlerhaus, sixpackfilm, mumok und Freies Kino
im Rahmen der Ausstellung „LOVING OTHERS. Modelle der Zusammenarbeit“ (13.10.22 – 15.1.2023) ––>

Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus / Freies Kino ––>
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mumok Bibliothek ––>
mumok - Museum Moderner Kunst / Sammlung Ludwig
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