Jyoti Mistry: We Come In Peace, They Said

Thu May 30, 2024, 18:00 h
Österreichisches Filmmuseum

Cause of Death (AT/ZA 2020, 20 min)
When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Black Man (AT/ZA 2017, 10 min)
Loving in Between (AT/ZA 2023, 18 min)

Jyoti Mistry’s archival trilogy on race, gender, and sexuality deals with the racialization of Black masculinity and racist violence, intersectional sexism and femicide, queer sexuality and love. The footage is drawn from colonial archives, travelogues, and amateur films to create poetic visual forms that comment on historical and contemporary violence and our political consciousness. By layering animation with the archival footage, the works produce visceral experiences that invite dialogue. Language that disempowers and marginalizes one group over another exposes the social and political structures that continue to oppress groups of people. (John Canciani)

After the screening talk with Jyoti Misry and Florian Schattauer (Producer) with Daniel Hadenius-Ebner and Gerald Weber

a Cooperation between VIS Vienna Shorts, Austrian Filmmuseum and sixpackfilm

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