Tina Frank

Tina Frank

* 1970, Austria

Tina Frank lives and works in vienna as a graphic designer and media artist since 1995. Her name is internationally known as a synonym for experimental design as well as visualisations of music. Her roots are in cover designs for experimental electronic music during the mid 1990s when she also started to work with digital realtimevisualisation, video & multimedia. She made uncountable performances at music-, film- and multimedia-festivals worldwide.

In 2006 the video »chronomops« received first price at »diagonale 06« for best innovative, experimental-, animation- or shortfilm. »Taschen Books« listed Tina Frank in their book »Graphic Design for the 21st Century« among the top 100 graphic designers worldwide.
Since 2008 she is head of the department for graphic design and photography at The University for Art and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria.

VIDEO WORKS (selection)

What If 2019
20160815 2016
I Will Be Seven 2016
Killer Road 2016
Colterrain 2013
Vergence 2006-2010
Don´t Stop 2007
Grounded 2006
Chronomops 2005
Starlight 1 2003
Kidds Fuzz Series (2003)
Glambox 2001
Pitbudp 2001
End of Skot (made by Skot) 2000
aka (made by Skot) 1998
aus (made by Skot) 1998
iii 1996


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