Tina Frank

Tina Frank
© Lukas Beck

* 1970, Austria

Tina Frank is an Austrian designer, artist, and educator at the University of Art and Design Linz where she is heading the Department Visual Communication at the Institute for Media. Her focus lies on the translation from one medium (text, music, information, etc.) into visual experiences. She has been collaborating with musicians to create record covers, audio-visual performances and installations presented all around the world, such as Ars Electronica, Linz; Centre Pompidou, Paris; ICC, Tokyo, and played live at numerous festivals such as Sonar, Atonal, Mutek, etc. She received the Diagonale Prize for Innovative Cinema, was awarded Winner of the Digital Products from the International Cartographic Conference and received the IIID Award. Her works are represented in international collections for video art, experimental film and digital synaesthesia. Frank’s visualizations are characterized by an abstract formal language and an intense colorfulness that playfully explore the limits of perception.

VIDEO WORKS (selection)

Schlimmige Kreise – Input : Reason 2023
'Prototipo 2023
pliii 2022
Frozen Jumper 2020
What If 2019
20160815 2016
I Will Be Seven 2016
Killer Road 2016
Colterrain 2013
Vergence 2006-2010
Don't Stop 2007
Grounded 2006
Chronomops 2005
Starlight 1 2003
Kidds Fuzz Series (2003)
Glambox 2001
Pitbudp 2001
End of Skot (made by Skot) 2000
aka (made by Skot) 1998
aus (made by Skot) 1998
iii 1996


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