Ralo Mayer

* 1976, Austria

Ralo Mayer´s work delineates "ecologies of contemporary history" linking past futures and present-day speculations. Based on extensive research, he interweaves objects from space exploration, ecology, or the Science Fiction of everyday life into multilayered narratives and translates these into cross-media ensembles between installation, film, text, or performance. His work has been presented at international exhibitions, festivals, and conferences, and won several awards, for instance the Otto Mauer award for Contemporary Art in 2012. For his artistic research PhD project, Mayer currently investigates "Space Un·Settlements".


Films (Selection):
Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies (Retroflectors: the astronaut, the robot, the alien) 2018 // Space Post Colonialism (Travelogue SF) 2015 // Blue Marble & the Grassy Knoll, pt. 1 2014 // frnknst9n Invocation (There´s something lurking in the space between) 2013 // Warum sehen wir das Bild der Erde so oft (dass wir es gar nicht mehr sehen) 2012 //
Limes: bioborder/park/spektakel 2001