After 25 years of mediation work, sixpackfilm assembles in its collection a rich selection of all genres, represented by more than 1,900 cinematic works, which call out to be shown regularly in various contexts, also in Vienna. One focus of our collection is on the classics of Austrian experimental film, almost all of them are represented. Many of the historical works are now part of the canon of international film or art history and have their permanent place in international cinemas and museums. The reopening of the Metro Kinokulturhaus and the intimate atmosphere of the Eric Pleskow Hall animated sixpackfilm to this long-term cooperation with the Filmarchiv Austria. Short feature films, avant-garde films, animations, cinematic essays, documentaries and much that oscillates between the attributions are to be united in individual programs in the Living Collection sixpackfilm series, not neatly separated according to the usual categorizations. Rather, the focus is on the search for thematic contexts, developments, different ways of looking at things and lines of connection, sometimes also in the context of international filmmaking. Historical and contemporary "classics" meet works by filmmakers who have not yet or no longer received the attention they deserve. Socio-political, social and aesthetic questions interact with purely formal experiments. Radical or actionist performances are combined with surreal stories, commissioned works for trailers or TV with abstract beauties. A lively montage, not a fixation of a history of masterpieces. The unifying element in all the films and videos is their distinctive, idiosyncratic visual grammar. When we offer a personale with works by a filmmaker, a mediated conversation with the artist will introduce their themes and cinematic realization to the audience. Otherwise, the film event will be accompanied by a short introduction every month on a Monday. (Brigitta Burger-Utzer)
What leaves us no rest
Mon Nov. 7, 2016, 19:00 h
Metro Kinokulturhaus

How to respond artistically to current social and political challenges? Juri Schaden reflects on the structural change in Vordernberg, Styria, in the form of a multi-layered essay film: the old industry can now only be used as a museum, while a detention centre promises an economic upturn.
Loretta Fahrenholz and Hans-Christian Lotz pass the questio…

She’s Gotta Have It
Mon Oct. 3, 2016, 19:00 h
Metro Kinokulturhaus

She's Gotta Have It was Spike Lee's first film and humorously explored the self-confident sexuality of a young black woman. Lee's 1986 film was the beginning of a wave of African-American cinema that explored themes from a black perspective. 
The programme of the same name also brings together works in which women insist on a self-determined ident…

ViennaFilm (1896-1976)
Mon June 6, 2016, 19:00 h
Metro Kinokulturhaus

Nino aus Wien - solo live on stage
Homage to the songs of Armin Berg


Vienna film 1896-1976
by Ernst Schmidt jr
AT 1977, 16mm, 117 min
Cinematography: Ernst Schmidt Jr, Walter Funda, Günter Pollak, Günter Janicek.
Contributions and actors: Friedrich Achleitner, H. C. Artmann, Joe Berger, Moucle Blackout, VALIE EXPORT, Padhi Friebe…

Refuge. Asylum. Where?
Mon May 2, 2016, 19:00 h
Metro Kinokulturhaus

Long before the so-called refugee crisis, the filmmakers were already dealing with the complexity of phenomena such as migration movements and isolationist policies. All the films in this programme are intended as an appeal to see the drama of flight and the uprooting of those who no longer see a future in their homeland, in contrast to simplistic…

The discomfort of culture
Mon April 4, 2016, 19:00 h
Metro Kinokulturhaus

the foreign, Kathrin Resetarits
1999, 16mm, 29 min

Art & Revolution, Ernst Schmidt jr
1968, 16mm, 2 min

I am working, Sabine Marte
1996-98, video, 20 min

Subcutan, Johannes Rosenberger
1988, 16mm, 20 min

Kathrin Resetarits calmly stages how a single mother and her child try to adapt to social conditions. The post-war cultural climate encourage…

Nowhere City
Mon March 7, 2016, 19:00 h
Metro Kinokulturhaus

Vienna 17, Schumanngasse, Hans Scheugl
1967, 16mm, 3 min

Flora, Jessica Hausner
1996, 35mm, 25 min

Air Spaces, Fridolin Schönwiese
1990, 16mm, 24 min

Feeling Dobermann, Gabriele Mathes
2015, DCP, 16 min

Vienna is not imagined or depicted as a distinctive place in these filmic works. An inhospitable dimension that suggests narrow s…