And if they have not died, ... (Fairy tales for adults)

Mon Oct. 17, 2022, 19:00 h
Kinokulturhaus, Metro Kino

Fairy tales are a multi-layered medium, they convey messages on a conscious and unconscious level. Thus, they are perceived and understood differently, depending on the personal background of the viewer. In figurative, imaginative language, fairy tale characters often represent states, feelings or other forces of human existence, which make the aspect of what is true in current contexts readable. The fairy tale for adults as the center of the program opens a space for reflection, in which the ego perception and hidden mechanisms within a (political and cultural) system, can be analyzed and interpreted on the basis of existing value systems and moral concepts. The individual works from the compilation "And if they have not died, ..." do not come explicitly from the genre of the fairy tale, but attributes of it can be discovered in each of the films.

Program and introduction: Charlotte Beisenherz, Anna Häupl, Magdalena Mair, Gabriella Vincze-Baba (students at the Kunstuni Linz, BA Cultural Studies, course Labor Film).